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One of our Healthy Family Home Spotlight Families! Have you taken one of the Family Challenges?
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Blomgren’s took the challenge to Check Priorities:

A difficult challenge to tackle. We both work full-time and our kids participate in wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball. We examined our schedule and luckily wrestling has ended, first season basketball has ended, and the other sports don’t begin until March. We were able to free up two days out of the week by having only 3 of our kids continue season 2 basketball at the Y and three of the girls stopped gymnastics until summer. We decided to work on our softball and baseball skills by going to the batting cages as a family two nights a week. We enjoy cheering each other on when trying to hit the ball. Afterwards, we go home to a crockpot meal and eat as a family.

Jason & Stacy Blomgren

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