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It is important to plan regular dates for each child and adult in the family. On a regular schedule, pair up for a special evening out. There’s no end to what you can do. Here is a story form the Blomgren Family who took our challenge! Tell us about your Date Night!

Date Night With The Kids

When you have 5 children all close in age (10,10,8,8,and 6) it’s always difficult to find any spare time. In fact, most of our spare time is spent in the car taking them to practices and games. We like to keep our kids very active in sports and we know it will have an impact on them in the future with socialization, handling pressure, competitiveness, healthy choices, organization etc. Because of child care issues, instead of taking each child on a “special date” we decided to do something a little different. First season basketball was over and there were no gymnastics meets the weekend of January 20th so we decided to take our kids to our lake house in Southern Iowa. We only use this house in the summer and the rest of the year it is closed. No cable, no phones, no cell phone reception, and no internet. The kids were excited to hear we were spending the weekend there but after hearing that there were no boats in the water, no sand on the beach, no tv to watch, and no friends to play with they immediately started scrabbling to find their DS’, MP3 players, CD players, etc. So as we began to pack we gave them one stipulation….no technology allowed.

Friday after school we headed down to Southern Iowa. Once we got there the kids were amazed to see the lake frozen over and the thousands of geese squawking in our backyard. Over the weekend, our son became the “Checkers Champion”, they learned how to beat Mom and Dad at UNO, we baked cookies and brownies together, threw rocks out onto the lake to see how many times they could skip, found a small hill in our yard to sled down from on top of a make-shift sled (the top of a garbage can), and created a drink lab mixing different juices and pop together and giving them names.

It was an unforgettable weekend and even though there was no Disney channel or video games to play, we still had a great time.

Jason & Stacy Blomgren

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